A definition of Diesel

When purchasing jeans we look for quality, we look at the style and shape and many won’t like to admit it but we also shop by the best brands.

Everybody knows when it comes to buying jeans that are affordable, you can still look at the big brands in this field such as: Levi, Wrangler and even the newest brands to cause a stir, G-star or True Religion. These are of course some of the most well know jean manufacturers, but there is one obvious name missing- Diesel.

diesel 2

Diesel is a well known Italian design company, which caters to a wide range of customers with its many product lines. Its clothing is aimed at the young adult market but is adored by all, as there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Diesel History-

Diesel was founded in 1978 and has been creating high end fashion pieces ever since. Founded by Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldshmied, they have been continuously adding to the Diesel collections and ranges. Diesel has created items from intimates and beachwear, casual clothing such as Diesel jeans and branded tops, as well as Diesel watches, aftershaves and perfumes amongst many other lines. With the company based in the northern part of Italy, and there being over 18 subsidiaries across Europe, Asia and America, it is no wonder Diesel has won a place amongst the top labels of fashion.

Now you know a little bit more about Diesel let’s shop!

From the common accessories needed such as belts and bags, to the daily essentials such as underwear and clothing, our Diesel range online has it all. Check out a few of our bestsellers. You never know, they may already be a part of your wardrobe, that’s if you are stylish 😉

1.    Diesel casual tops, they are available in various prints, sizes, colors, and shapes. Both a men’s collection and women are available.

Diesel jeans

2.    Diesel Jeans, with a range of different styles, shapes and fits there is a suitable pair of jeans available for everyone on our website.

3.    Diesel watches- Everybody needs a beautiful timepiece and the Diesel collection is one to admire. Both the men’s and women’s collection is desired.

Diesel watches

4.    Diesel bags/wallets, various wallets and handbags are available on the website in all different styles and sizes. Browse the full range of Diesel products.

Ladies Handbags

All the items mentioned are available from our website-



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