Branded Luxury

In this day and age the modern society compares fashion to big designers such as Vivian Westwood and Donatella Versace. We class names like that as luxury, as here at Intense and Funky we know Brands are best.

They are affordable and by far the most fashionable.


Of course with so many brands available, most people think they might get it wrong or struggle to find a brand that they think is hot right now. Which is where we come in. We supply over twenty of the top affordable and most stylish big brand labels that there is on our website to help dress the nation in the most popular clothing, literally from head to toe.

We have the Lacoste footwear which can be teamed with the Levi or Diesel jeans, that can be worn with the Superdry tops and cover it up so you will be kept warm in this season by a Carhartt jacket. Brand fashion isn’t fussy. You can mix and match all the top labels to create the most fashionable intense and funky outfit to prepare you for any event.

By wearing big labelled brands our customers, and even us,  feel more prepared to take on the days challenges as we know we are well dressed for whatever the world has to throw at us. Many of you may disagree, and to those of your who do, we have one question.

What brands are you wearing today?

We thought so… Head over to our website today.




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