We have leveled up with our fashion stakes!

We have stepped it up a level with our fashion stakes this summer, bringing you the hottest stylish dresses from the big most craved and most wanted brands!

What would you class as your necessity this summer?

Intense and funky believe that women’s summer essential are of course our fabulous dresses from such names as Armani and Diesel, but we are also torn by what is more important. We just cannot seem to decide if Designer watches for women or Ladies handbags are the must have essential accessory to match with the crave-able dresses we have provided our wonderful customers.

That is where we would love your feedback and even some imagery in regards to our blog topic. We want to know how creative our blog followers can be and see if they would match a stunning timepiece like our diesel watches to our Armani or Diesel dress, or keep it simple but stylish with some arm candy from our ladies handbag collection.


Alternatively, you can send us your favourite outfit for the male clientele from our website. Design from scratch your ideal casual look with perhaps some Diesel jeans, Lacoste shoes and maybe a Carhartt jacket… possibilities are endless.

We would like you to please send us your pictures using our items of course or simply let us know which of our products you think will match and make the perfect look this summer. We will be posting them on our Facebook page so please inbox us or comment 🙂


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