Show Summer what you’re Made of!

Sun is here hip, hip, hooray!

Let’s get upbeat and vibrant and have some fun with our summer clothes.

Most people dread summer, as the first thoughts being ‘what am I going to wear?’ or ‘do my shorts still fit?’ Intense and Funky should not just be an option to purchase clothing, we should be your first choice this summer, and I will tell you why.

We have an Amazing Diesel Jeans collection. You are probably thinking why I am talking about jeans when it is a heat wave outside. Well the never-ending true summer style is ripped denim! You can purchase our stylish Superdry hot pants (for the ladies of course) or some trendy G-Star shorts for the guys which are already distressed and cut to a short length or you can go ahead and create your own.


From our collection of Diesel jeans, simply select the pair you like best and get styling. You can always leave it to our big brands if you don’t feel you can pull it off or you can even look to them for inspiration.

With your stylish new summer shorts you’re really going to need to accessorise to show summer what you made of. Take a glance at our nice Diesel watches maybe some fresh new Lacoste shoes. Even team it up with a Carhartt jacket for when the wind picks up in the evening.

The choices are endless for outfits for summer, so don’t root around your clothes from last year, get online and get in style.


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