The key to summer is to shop Early!

Everyone is a sucker for a big brand label, so it comes as no surprise that Intense and Funky have over 20 huge labels on their website supplying the hottest and freshest new looks.

That time of year that everyone craves and longs for over the harsh winter period is due any time now, yes we mean summer. As much as we love spring, we need an excuse to wear our designer sunglasses and stylish new branded dresses, shorts and not forgetting the flip-flops. We have been preparing our website to bring you all the latest and hottest items, which we know you will need this year.


Intense and Funky aim to please all new and existing customers and of course the potential crowd, with our current and tasteful threads and accessories. As it isn’t as hot as we would love it to be so we can get our shorts on, we still have some desirable classic Levis jeans for men and several unisex pairs of Diesel jeans to keep those legs warm, available to buy online. The distressed denim look is such a hit in the summer.


As for the summer accessories, you can get them in early and get in the habit of wearing them. After all everybody needs to know the time, so our collection of Diesel watches are most certainly a must have.


Intense and funky have also updated the Men’s Shoes collection with some winners like the Lacoste shoes for the male gender.

Get shopping early for your Man-bags or Ladies handbags to be the trendsetter this summer.


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