Look like a celeb for less!

High-street brands are the most loved by big-time celebrities, even the ones there not being paid to model for.

We look to big fashion labels when we want celebrity style but in this day and age there’s no need to spend a fortune on looking good. Proof in the pudding, as top super star actress Kate Winslet has been spotted in a high street brand. The Superdry garment, which she had on, is very similar to the many t-shirts we sell online from this name. So get looking like a celebrity for less.

Intense and funky believe in providing you with the latest styles and creations from the big high street wonders such as Armani, Diesel, G-Star, Calvin Klein and Levi’s etc. We know what our customers want and we like to provide it for them. Look like a million dollars or even you favourite celebs in your very own pair of stylish Levi’s. You will be among names such as Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and Jenifer Aniston.

They know good quality style and brands so take time and head over to our website to invest.


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