Head to Toe- Affordable

Fashion has mainly been related to Women, as there is always the need to look out of this world and up to date with the latest styles, trends, and brand names. Personally I think Men are edging their way up in the competition to look stunning 24/7.

Intense and funky have a large diverse collection for both Men and Women. We appeal more to the Male followers with our stylish clothing as we sell all the latest and vintage brands because our selected styles are very current. To name a few brand names that we sell pieces from, they are Lacoste, G-Star, Levi’s, Adidas, True Religion, Armani, fossil etc.


Our aim is to style the nation in affordable branded and stylish clothing from head to toe including the accessories. We supply Shoes, trousers, tops, shirts, underwear, bags, and many more necessities, to give you the whole package. Intense and Funky have sourced out the most stunning timepieces so even your wrists are glistening in our watches.

For the Ladies, we have a very special collection of Armani bags. The range includes unique styles and fabulous colours. Our favourite style has to be Armani Jeans 05232 off our website; we have it in two alternate colours. Also for the girls, we have a wide selection of casual tees, of course, they are branded, and in this case, many of them are from Superdry. They are so handy to have stocked up in your cupboard for the lazy days, and with our prices, you afford to have more than one, maybe even the Superdry jumper or the matching summer gilet too.


For the latest high-street fashion and brand names in the most current styles look online, you will be surprised how affordable it really is to look good from head to toe.


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